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For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average ROI is $44. Let us help you create compelling email campaigns that motivate your customers to buy.

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Email List Setup


Regular Email Newsletters


Automated Email Sequences


Email List Maintenance

How Email Marketing Services Can Help You

Lower Costs

30% of consumers have purchased products and services from emails. Decrease marketing costs and ad spend by increasing sales through email marketing.

Grow and Scale

Grow your business quickly and efficiently with automated email marketing campaigns that nurture leads and customers – without you having to do any extra work!

Build Loyalty

Email marketing has powerful segmentation capabilities that can help you send unique and personalized content to each of your subscribers. Build customer loyalty by sharing the right content at the right time – with ease!

Email List Setup

We will help you select, setup and connect an email marketing software to ensure your business can collect leads and send emails. We can incorporate lead collection pages, popups and forms on your website to ensure you are capturing traffic that is going to your website.

Regular Email Newsletters

We help you craft a mix of educational, promotional and relevant content to surprise and delight your leads and customers. Our goal is for you to build brand loyalty so leads become customers and customers become repeat purchasers.

Automated Email Sequences

We can help you setup automated email sequences for routine actions such as welcome emails, requests for reviews or testimonials, abandoned cart emails and more.

Email List Management

We will analyze and monitor the engagement level and performance of your email campaigns to ensure your subscribers remain active and your email deliverability remains high.

What Others Have To Say…

When I got started, I had a small list and no idea how to grow it or even what to send. Marketing Success Hub not only helped me implement strategies to grow my email list but also helped me develop a good mix of promotional and helpful content to send out to my subscribers. This has made a huge difference. I’m making more sales and my subscribers are enjoying what I’m sharing. Appreciate the help guys, very excited about the results.

Becky, eCommerce Store Owner

How It Works


On a launch call, we’ll discuss your business goals and work with you to develop a custom email marketing plan that meets your needs.


Depending on your experience level and background, we can help you setup your email marketing software and integrate it with your website and/or landing pages so you can begin collecting leads for your business.


We will execute on your email marketing plan by creating compelling email newsletters and setting up automated email campaigns. All of our email campaigns follow best-practices for email deliverability, open rates, click-through-rates, and conversions.


As you grow, we will perform routine maintenance of your email list to ensure your subscribers remain active and your deliverability stays high. This will help you grow your presence so you can earn more money, outrank your competition, and becoming recognized as the #1 authority in your field.

Marketing Success Hub is a digital marketing company that helps companies generate more leads & sales. Through media, publicity, email marketing, and more, Marketing Success Hub is the #1 choice for marketing your business.


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