Top 5 Reasons to Use Social Media in Your Business

If you run a business and you’re interested in extending your reach and spreading the word to as many potential customers as possible, then ignoring social media is simply not an option. Here are five of the reasons you should definitely be using social media…

How To Gain The Trust of Your Audience On Social Media

Marketing is largely about building and maintaining trust. This is why it’s so incredibly important that you ensure you are doing everything you can to build the trust of your followers and to establish yourself as an authority. How do you go about doing that? Keep reading!

Avoid This When Building Your Email List

When building an email list, it’s not all about size. It is not simply a matter of throwing every technique you can in hopes of getting the maximum number of emails. While you might be able to get more subscribers in the short-run this way, in the long-haul this will actually create more problems. Read on and we’ll look at three common mistakes that many marketers make in a bid to quickly inflate their numbers.

10 Ways to Build Your Credibility on Social Media

While social media is incredibly powerful, it’s still only going to be as good as the strategy you have in place and if you haven’t first established yourself as a credible authority then you’ll find that everything you do falls on deaf ears. To improve your effectiveness then, you should make this one of your biggest focuses. Here are ten ways to build that credibility…

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Interacting with Blog Readers

There are some rules that come with interacting with blog readers so that you don’t make a mistake that will result in your traffic going down instead of up. Here are three mistakes to avoid when responding to comments posted on your blog.