Sometimes great marketing means being able to think outside the box. This way, you can find new ways to make your content and products seem interesting, you can reach people in ways and places they otherwise wouldn’t expect and you can find new opportunities that others may have missed. Creativity is often what sets successful campaigns apart from failures, so read on to discover 9 creative ways you can build your list of email subscribers to grow your leads and sales.

#1: Carry Out A Competition

Running a competition is a great way to collect emails and create some excitement around your email list. You can even team up with another brand!

#2: Offer A Prize

How about an on-going competition in the form of a prize draw? You can even be creative on what the prizes are.

#3: Get Your Subscribers to Grow Your List For You

Tell your subscribers you’ll share your most powerful tip, but only if they help you grow your list by an extra 100 people! Rewarding subscribers for simple actions such as sharing by email or social media can have powerful viral effects for your messages.

#4: Feature A Member of the Week

Get members of your email list excited to be a part of your community by featuring a regular ‘member of the week’. Large brands and businesses have used this tactic to grow their numbers by the thousands.

#5: Host A Meetup

Another way to make your list more engaged and to build buzz is to have chats, seminars and meet-ups. You can do them online or even in person!

#6: Market Your Email Subscribers

Market members of your list to the other members of your list. This way you give them a financial motive for signing up!

#7: Partner Up

You can create an affiliate program and pay other marketers to help you get members onto your list. As long as you have a good monetization method, this will provide a good return on investment.

#8: Create an Online Tool

Add an online tool to your website and require users to enter their email address before they can use it. This provides your audience with value and allows you to understand the type of support they need.

#9: Throw An Event

Throw an in person event where you hand out cards or collect emails. If you’re not up for throwing an event you can also attend events such as trade shows or networking events and connect with people there.