When using email marketing to promote a product, brand or service, you have the ability to reach people right in their inboxes which can have a very personal and profound impact. The statistics clearly show that this is a highly effective way to promote a product and make a lot of money. But you know what they say… With great power comes great responsibility. If you’re looking to incorporate email marketing in your business, read on! We’ll highlight industry best practices to help you understand what it takes to get more clicks and conversions for your business!

#1: Two Is A Golden Number

In general, it’s a good idea to send a maximum of two emails per week. This will ensure you provide value without frustrating or annoying your audience. The only exception to this rule is during a product or service launch or to build anticipation for an upcoming announcement. In these scenarios, you may be emailing more frequently. Just ensure there is a clear purpose behind your messaging – don’t just send an email to send one!

#2: Avoid Using All Caps

Using all caps can come across abrasive and rude in an email. Try to avoid it!

#3: Try “Re:” In Your Subject Line

Using ‘Re:’ in your subject line is a great way to draw attention to your emails. It can come across as misleading though if used too often and inappropriately. So, use this method sparingly.

#4: Make Unsubscribing Easy

If you use a popular email marketing software tool such as AWeber or Convertkit, adding an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your emails should be easy. By law, it is mandatory to do so – otherwise you can do serious damage to your brand and reputation.

#5: Deliver Value

Whether or not your subscribers look forward to or delete your emails will likely depend on whether you provide value or not. As long as you offer value, people will have a good reason to read what you’re sending them and look forward to it. If you can consistently do this instead of just sending out promotional content, your subscribers will begin to like, trust and value your content.

#6: Respect Their Privacy

Ultimately, you are a guest in your subscribers’ homes. Act that way and treat them with respect and gratitude – it will ultimately be better for you and them in the long run.